Health Care

This page is for research and reflections on the prevalent discourses related to public and global health, disease prevention and treatment, and current issues in primary care medicine, musculoskeletal health, and orthopaedic surgery.

Socioeconomic Development

Global HealthDiscourse on health fits within a larger context of learning from the foundations established in endeavors to increase the circle of human unity to include a common Cause, and to carry out various-sized programs of social action and socioeconomic development.  The training institute helps to equip individuals with the spiritual insights and knowledge, the qualities and attitudes, and the skills and abilities needed to carry out acts of service to the community. This creates a pool of human resources to fuel endeavors of social and economic development, in such fields as: agriculture and animal husbandry, manufacturing and marketing, the management of funds and natural resources, health and sanitation, education and socialization, communication and community organization, to name some important areas. This process itself flourishes when it draws upon capacities cultivated by the institute, such as, fostering unity in diversity, promoting justice, participating effectively in consultation, and accompanying people in our efforts to serve humanity.

Public HealthSocioeconomic development is inherently complex and can involve activity in all the areas of learning mentioned above. It does not fit into a single area or discipline. The nature of humanity’s challenges make interdisciplinary and multisectoral action clearly necesssary. The capacity to pursue such coordinated action will, however, only appear gradually over the course of decades. Whatever the ultimate vision, care must be taken to begin work in a single area of action and to expand activities gradually over time. A weekly community clinic, for example, can in principle become a center for advanced public health research and novel interventional procedures, disease and lifestyle education, and community organization. But, in most cases, it is advisable for it to start simply as a clinic, focusing all of its resources on the patients it proposes to serve. In patient diligence lies the greatest chance of success.

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