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The body of humanity

The human body is the one analogy that points toward a convincing model for the organization of a planetary society. There is no other model that mirrors its complexity or prosperity upon which we can rely. Human society is not a mass of individually differentiated cells but of associations of tissues and organs, systems and will, intelligence and common purpose. The modes of operation that characterize man’s biological nature illustrate fundamental principles of social and civilizational existence. Chiefly, unity in diversity is championed by the existence of each and every human frame. Paradoxically, it is the wholeness and complexity of the human body–and the perfect integration of its component elements–that permits the full realization of the distinctive potentialities inherent in each cell.

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No cell lives apart from the body, whether in contributing to its functioning or in deriving its share from the well-being of the whole. The physical well-being thus achieved finds its purpose in making possible the expression of human consciousness; that is to say, the purpose of biological development transcends the mere existence of the body and its parts.

The way in which the body of man has been structured and shaped is of no absolute accident. Through the bestowal of the mind and its use, man in the field of science has reached far in enough to unravel such truths about how the cells of the body work. In ways such as cooperation, reciprocity, and unity otherwise it would be non-existent. With this ability in man to examine and draw such conclusive proofs about the workings of the cell in the cellular level, he can learn from and employ to his own human realm of existence. Finally and again, nature evidently and irrefutably works with such laws that revolve around attraction and harmony, the result of which is existence and life. Hence, man would do well with pondering and reflecting on such laws that govern nature, and their implication for the life of his own kind and people. Are the laws that govern nature and the order of our universe coincidental and haphazard, or are they truth and with purpose in themselves?

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