Systems and Transformation

Millions of systems exist in the universe we inhabit, from the sub-atomic systems of electron cloud probability to the cosmic flotation of great planets in the field of super novas. Systemic organization is molded on foundational laws and axioms that describe a system’s nature and enhance our understanding of its future evolution. Societal structures and values currently describe animal existence as well as they do human aspirations, with recent economic and psychological trends manifesting themselves in the wake of social darwinian discourse and financio-political marriages that undermine the common weal through an ideological and oligarchical matrix. The law of the jungle has become the ideological and social norm as legality has been divorced from morality. Modern social attitudes mirror the vulgarity of the jungle in our willingness to accept conditions en mass that foster no alternative except the struggle for survival. As the primary occupation of its inhabitants, the struggle for “limited resources” within a purported environment of “unlimited wants” is systematically unweaving the fabric of emotional and social prosperity. Duped by this vociferous discourse a smaller and smaller multitude remain presently healthy to recognize and diagnose the malady where it is seen. Seduced masses and their elected representatives consider the situation normal, accepting competition for survival as the ideal organizing principle of social prosperity.