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Lamps of Truth and Purity

More than ten thousand souls were slain, and a great multitude of women and children, left without protector or provider, dispersed and confounded, they were trodden down and destroyed. This occurrence was brought about by the arbitrary decision and command of the Prime Minister, who imagined that by the enactment of a crushing extermination this creed would disappear and all trace and knowledge of them would be erased. Before long had transpired the contrary of his imaginations, and it became certain that the Bábís were increasing.

The flame rose higher and the contagion became swifter: the affair waxed grave and the report thereof reached other countries. At first it was confined to Persia: later it spread to Europe and America, and then to the rest of the world. Quaking and affliction resulted in constancy and stability, and grievous pains and punishment caused acceptance and attraction. Cruel events produced an impression; impression led to investigation; and investigation resulted in spread of their teachings. Through the ill-considered policy of the Minister, the Cause became fortified and strengthened, and its foundations firm and solid. Previously the matter used to be regarded as insignificant, subsequently it acquired a grave importance in men’s eyes. Many persons from all parts of the world set out to investigate what happened in Persia, and began to seek with their whole hearts. For it hath been proved by experience that in the case of matters of conscience laceration causes healing; censure produces increased diligence; prohibition induces eagerness; and intimidation creates avidity. The root is hidden in the very heart, while the branch is apparent and evident. When one branch is cut off other branches grow.

Were it not for the cold, how would the heat of Thy words prevail?


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