Oneness and Order

Universal scope and jurisdiction must be afforded any institutions necessary for the construction of a planetary civilization that deems for itself laws and order conducive to global prosperity. Educational systems and mass communication media must become conduits for the dissemination of the system of knowledge and praxis that derives from consciousness of the oneness of humankind. Faith in the oneness of humanity must become axiomatically accepted by senates of power in whose hands the charge of responsible decision making lies. A keystone turning point in the annals of prosperity will be discovered, at such a time, and new laws and institutions constructed. A functioning nervous system therewith comes into being on a planetary scale. Such a vision allows for the coordination and canalization of the efforts of diverse people into the task of formulating common global goals and committing ourselves to act towards their fulfilment. Fundamental restructuring of values and policies will protect our nations from descent into age-old divisions of ethnic and religious strife. With the genuine dawn of the consciousness that we are all one human family, people from all walks of life will be empowered to outgrow habits of dissension and strife that have characterized social order in the past. Soon we will begin to learn the ways of cooperation and conciliation. The well-being of mankind, its peace, its security, are unattainable unless and until its unity is firmly established.

2 replies on “Oneness and Order”

“Peace and security” seems to be mostly about how we treat each other, how we act towards one another. “Unity” on the other hand may mostly refer to an internal orientation, a posture, an inner feeling towards others. It is a characteristics of our modern times that feelings and opinions are free, but conduct and actions are regulated by coercive laws. Could this be the root cause of the problem? Everyone is trying to establish peace, but there is little effort to establish unity. And because as you say unity is a pre-requisite for peace, efforts to establish peace do not necessarily bear fruit because we have ignored the essential unity among all peoples.

These thoughts and questions got me thinking about unity. It seems that in order for unity to exist, two conditions must be met. One, there needs to be some agreement about the nature of reality, particularly relationships between and among individuals, communities, and institutions, as well between them and nature. And two, there needs to be some recognized means by which decisions are made which affect relationships and determine goals. Unity is a power, a creative power, limitless and fully accessible; perhaps power itself is an expression of unity, that is an emergent property manifest in human society when the requisite level of integration and harmony is achieved between all the diverse members of the social body. And, more importantly, it is this power of unity that is to accomplish the transformation of humanity\’s collective life on this vast scale.

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