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Discourse and Justice, Part I

As a community of discourse we need to ensure that we develop the ability to read and examine other people’s views and thoughts on a given subject with fairness. This does not mean that we never reach conclusions or continuously consider new or erroneous explanations without an end in sight, but that we believe the truth exists as a conglomerate of all valid vantage points, in which the different perspectives of many hearts lend insight into the many facets of reality, complex and intricate as it is. To a large extent, the problems in the world today testify to how much we have neglected to consult as a global community on issues of communal concern, neglecting and marginalizing the views and experience of those most affected by our policies and decisions. Ironically the best conclusions, the authors believe, can only be reached when all sides have weighed in and proper consultation is allowed to cement the various view points in an understanding that leads to valid and worthwhile action.  Justice requires that multiple views be incorporated into an understanding of a multi-faceted reality. This is our destiny, in spiritual maturity, institutional structure, and social force of habit.

There are two extreme positions that we have noticed in characterizing public involvement in the discourses of society. When new comers come to the table of discourse on issues related to development, unity, science and its relationship with religion, peaceful resolution to international conflict, malnutrition, disease and poverty, we find that there is a tendency to fall into one or the other extreme position alleviating the difficult burden of studying the discourse at hand to familiarize oneself with its intricate and challenging substance. These are difficult questions and to be presumptuous about how long it will take for discourse to yield fruit on any issue, does no one any good. Patience is an indispensable ally. Humbleness is a must. And a willingness to learn and study, and never be arrogant in the face of new data, facts or even concepts is a whole life’s worth of challenge and success.

One reply on “Discourse and Justice, Part I”

Perspective of reality is not dichotomous. An individual contributes greatly, when investigates truth for himself, to the life of the community in which he lives, and institutions then can reinforce this way of life; and little by little, more and more of the good qualities that have been given (justice, love, honesty, unity, truthfulness, integrity…) to us becomes the central orb of that community’s life. In this manner society takes on new ways and doings that solely are concerned with the advancement, progress, growth, and betterment of the peoples rather than concerned with self. In this way, humans could be said to have reached a more truer understanding of the true purpose of life and its connection to the life that will come after.

But, humanity has not yet reached this. I do not think consultation is being neglected, rather it’s proper methods are not known. The power of consultation and its execution for the reformation of the world is still in the process of development. I am sure that in due time its power will become realized. After we understand what is the true “nature of a human being” will such understanding of consultation become enhanced.

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