Expansion & Consolidation

Envisioning the First Milestone

In its 28 December message, the Universal House of Justice states that the first milestone, signifying the emergence of a programme of growth, is marked by an initial flow of human resources into the field of action, where “junior youth groups are being maintained by those progressing through the sequence of institute courses and committed to the vision of individual and collective transformation they foster.”

Our teaching team has started the study of Ruhi Book 1, Reflections on the life of the Spirit, with 2 youth from the neighborhood (ages 15 and 16) who are accompanying us in animating junior youth groups. Although the study of the text is challenging, we are developing the capacity to focus and appreciate profound concepts in an environment that is at once serious and uplifting, that allows for mutual support and universal participation. This “initial flow” we pray, is the precursor to torrential outpourings in the teaching process in Houston.

1sr Milestone

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